Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo


Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo is a broad leaf buffalo type, the first original soft leaf buffalo, which is soft to the touch and also non-allergenic. Shademaster will grow in full sun areas and up to 70% shade and can handle moist situations as well. Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo establishes well after being laid; unlike traditional Buffalo. Shademaster’s thick, hard wearing, yet lush mat makes for a low maintenance lawn that even the most inexperienced gardener will appreciate. Shademaster will purple through the winter period on the tips of the leaves in frost prone areas. Being more cost efficient makes Shademaster one of the most widely used Buffalo varieties on the market today.

Price/unit is per m²

Mow frequency

Fortnightly in summer months
Rarely in the winter months


Soft broad leaf Buffalo
Allergy friendly
Hard wearing
Suitable for full sun areas and up to 70% shade

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