Brick Dome Wood Fired Oven Kit 850 (Pre-cut)


This oven kit is our most popular Dome brick oven and is suited to commercial and domestic applications.

Made from the highest quality refractory materials this kit comes PRECUT – NO CUTTING OF ANY BRICKS AT ALL .

We provide detailed instructions on its install aswell as all the tools to build the oven.

Base dimensions needed for this oven are 1400mm long x 1500mm wide.


• Internal dimensions: 850mm wide x 1220mm long
• External dimensions: 1300mm wide x 1500mm long
• Ideal base size: 1400mm wide x 1600mm long
• Capacity: 3 x 300mm pizzas at a time
• The fire bricks are a 1500 degree rated and over engineered and designed for everyday use of heating and cooling.
• The sub floor insulation is a high quality European made board which does not break down over time.
• The oven chamber is built from the slab up. We offer a high quality non degradeable insulation brick as the first and most critical layer to start the ovens chamber, this is done to give maximum heat retention and absolutely no movement over time.
• Our mortar is made in Australia to the highest quality and is the best mortar to be used. The biggest issue over time in any oven is the mortar joints breaking down with any inferior mortar or homebrew mix, so we use only the best.
• Our assembly process is second to none. We offer Timber templates which are perfectly CNC to give a millimetre perfect fit.
• We absolutely stand by the quality of our Brick ovens and rate them second to none. They are tried and tested in Australia with superior cooking and heat retention.

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This kit comes with a one-year material defects warranty.


• Underfloor insulation 50mm
• 50mm PRECUT floor and font dress tiles 50mm – NO CUTTING OF ANY BRICKS
• 115mm PRECUT dome / chamber bricks – NO CUTTING OF ANY BRICKS
• 115mm PRECUT Door arch bricks – NO CUTTING OF ANY BRICKS
• 115mm PRECUT flue arch bricks – NO CUTTING OF ANY BRICKS
• High temperature airset and dry mortar – Made in Australia and Europe
• Over chamber insulation (ceramic fibre blanket) 2 layers
• Oven chamber CNC templates / tool to help build it. (for superior accuracy) – NO CUTTING OF ANY TEMPLATES
• Oven door and flue arch CNC templates (for superior accuracy) – NO CUTTING OF ANY TEMPLATES
• Stainless steel 450 x 150mm commercial flue system with hat
• 3mm plate black steel door, with temperature probe inserted
• Stainless steel exhaust cap and brick exhaust trim
• Detailed instructions


The only two items not supplied is the chicken wire and render otherwise the kit is complete to build. The chicken wire and render are available at any hardware store for less than $40, brickies sand & cement mix is fine.


At Nepean Landscape Supplies we bring you a range of woodfired ovens to meet the demanding needs of the Australian domestic and commercial markets. The Calabrese range of ovens are unique in their one-piece design.